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Cozy Sewn Kid Cowls

Last week I whipped up a couple of Purl Bee Cozy Sewn Cowls for the kids. I’d considered making them for Christmas presents, but then decided I wanted to give the kids a chance to choose their fabric. Emmett went for punctuation, and Violet wanted birds. With our cold weather around New Year’s, we got some good wear in.

SONY DSCDon’t they look cozy?

SONY DSCNotice Violet in her too small hat I made her a couple of years ago from the Oliver and S Little Things to Sew book. Emmett is also wearing a reversible hat I made several years ago. I realize now that I never posted either here.

SONY DSCI love to see these kids all bundled up in things I made for them. The weather’s back up in the 60s this week, so we’ll see how much more use we get out of them this year. 🙂



  1. Barbara

    Yes, they do look cozy and the kids look very cute in them.

  2. i agree with grandma 😉

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