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Nap Blanket

Our little Emmett started preschool a few weeks ago. His sister Violet has a special blanket she takes to school for naptime, which was given to us by a friend when she was a baby. Despite my best intentions, I did not finish Emmett’s blanket in time for the first week of school. Week three’s close enough, right?

Here’s the back side – cozy flannel cut from some old receiving blankets.


The top is miscellanous quilting cottons, mostly organic, mostly from a sample pack I got a while back. Emmett likes the tractors best. I was afraid it might be too much of a hodgepodge as I started sewing it together, but I’m really pleased with it after all.


Emmett absolutely loves it. He literally squealed with delight when I gave it to him. He had seen it while I was working on it, but he was just so excited that it was done, and immediately did this.




It makes me wish I could make him something every day. It’s good for all of us that I don’t/can’t.


  1. barbara

    Very cute – Looks like Emmett is very happy with it

  2. I already miss you guys. wish i had one love you 🙂

  3. i want one already miss you love you guys 😉

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