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Blue Pants Times Three

Here are three recent pairs of pants for Emmett. Now that I put them all here together, all in different shades of blue, I realize I need to branch out a bit for garments for Emmett.

These first are the nicest – a pale blue linen with yellow accents. I finished them a week ago, so they’re fairly hot off the presses. They’re from the same Basic Pocket Pants Pattern as the never-worn but lovely pants I made a couple of years ago for Violet. Emmett loves his and happily wore them yesterday, roughing them up at the aquarium.

linen pants 2SONY DSC SONY DSCThe second are from The Best Harem Pants pattern and some knit fabric I’ve had around. Thanks to these pants, I can tell how very much Emmett has grown in the past few months. By now, they’re too snug to be decent, but they were fun while they lasted.


And finally, a simple pair I drafted myself. Sadly, I cut them out months ago, and by the time I sewed them up a couple of weeks ago, they’re kind of snug. Cute snug for now, but snug.

Blue againAnd yes, he’s blurry, but man is it hard to get this kid to be still for a picture.

E blue




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  1. barbara

    Very cute – I know he loves blue! Especially like the yellow on the pockets – nice touch

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