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Cardboard Kitchen and Letters

Remember me? I’ve actually made lots of stuff in recent months and will try to catch up here on the blog in the coming weeks. Just today I got two new bookcases for my craft room, so I’m eager to be organized and have my crafting feel less scattered.

Here are a couple of big cardboard additions to our house that were finished back in January and February. We love reusing materials around here whenever we can, and unfortunately we feel pretty wasteful here in the desert sometimes.

First, the kitchen is from the Little Cardboard Kitchen pattern I bought off Etsy. I highly recommend it. The instructions were very clear, and the kitchen is so much nicer than we would have managed on our own. We were able to put to use some big boxes that came with our new patio furniture. I roped Ashley into helping me with the cutting, so this one was very much a team effort, and a labor of love.

SONY DSCI also made these 3-foot-tall letters to hang in Emmett and Violet’s room.

SONY DSCHere are the kids for scale. They were awfully excited.

SONY DSC Right around then is also when I realized that the sweater I’d been working on was way too big and unflattering. Plus, I was going to run out of yarn… so with a heavy heart I unraveled it. I anticipate trying again in the fall, when it’s not a million degrees outside here in Nevada.

SONY DSCMore to come, including, as it turns out, three pairs of blue pants for Emmett Lee.



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  1. I love reading about the projects you make, Sam. That sweater looked so beautiful…a pity that the pattern didn’t work out size-wise.

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