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Baby Carriers

I do love a four-day weekend – plenty of time to make things and go for swims and give my kids lots of hugs and kisses. It’s good to be home after a very busy month and just be with my family. I have several works in progress this weekend, a couple of which involve many layers of tulle, but the first ones off the needles are these baby carriers. This is another project from Oliver + S, from the book Little Things to Sew. You’ll remember that I’ve also made the bucket hat from this same book. Violet and Emmett have quickly put their baby carriers to use, Emmett with his beloved Pig, and Violet with an assortment of bears and bunnies (because Parrot doesn’t have legs, of course).

The pattern came together relatively quickly – in a couple of afternoon nap periods. I do think making two at the same time saved me time overall. Here is the inside of each. As you can see, the closure is part button and part velcro.

baby carriers liningThe pockets are constructed in an odd, kind of brilliant way, with a hidden lining buried inside. For Emmett’s, I decided to put the pocket on with the lining facing out, and I do like the extra little pizazz that it adds. Violet’s also has bicycles, but inside the pocket only.

baby carriers 2Don’t they both look fetching with their babies? Violet is getting a kick out of climbing the stairs wearing hers, since she’s not allowed to carry toys on the stairs. She gives her baby a pep talk on the way up, “Good job!”

baby carrier 4More sewing projects will likely be finished by the end of the weekend, fingers crossed! Hope you’ve had a happy 4th.



  1. Beth

    Of all the things you’ve made (and there have been lots) this may be my absolute favorite.

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