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Floral Washi

Not only did I sew a dress this weekend, I’m here with a blog post about it! I’ve found some balance with work and life and have been fitting in time to make things, but I’m pretty terrible about documenting my projects. It helps to cut out sewing projects so that they’re on hand when I’m motivated. I cut out the pieces for this dress a month or two ago, and this weekend it took a few hours, maybe four, to assemble.

SONY DSCAs you can see, it’s my second rendition of Made By Rae’s Washi Dress, which I posted about before. I did a slightly different neckline, but it is otherwise the same. There is the tiniest pucker in the shoulder seam, but I’m trying to not be quite such a perfectionist and let these things go.

SONY DSC SONY DSCI just love this picture, with Ashley sneaking in:SONY DSCTwo of the things I really like about this dress are the pockets (hooray!), and the nicely finished details inside. For this one, I used orange bias tape to bind off the armholes, and I really like how it looks inside, even though it’s basically only for me to see. Next time, I think I will finish the neckline with bias tape, rather than facings, and see how it goes.

SI’m so pleased to have finished a project this weekend, and something for me!



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  1. barbara godbey

    Such a cute and comfortable dress and of course I love the red!

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