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adj Laptop Case

So, I’m still here. Still making things edible and not, though now I’m working full time, and free time is harder to come by. I did motivate for some Christmas gifts, despite a series of illnesses. I’m especially happy with how this laptop case turned out for my husband Ashley (adj).

It’s made from luscious 3 mm wool felt, snap tape, and leather. I’m so so happy with how well the leather initials turned out. It fits his MacBook Air just so, and I like that it looks kind of tough with the grey and black.

Now that we live in Nevada, Ashley is heading back to the Bay Area for a couple of days each month for work, and now he has a classy case to take with him and remember me by.

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  1. barbara

    So glad to see you are back. Very handsome laptop case. The black leather initials are perfect for personalizing the case. Nicely done!

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