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Basic Pocket Pants

I made Violet this pair of Basic Pockets Pants from Growing Up Sew Liberated over the weekend.

I had cut the pieces out months ago, so I have no idea how much fabric it took, or what it’s called, but it’s the same very soft cotton twill (I think?) I used for Violet’s latest sun hat. I used the wrong side of the fabric for just the slightest hint of contrast on the waistband, pocket binding, and cuffs.As I said in my last post, cutting the pieces out is usually my least favorite thing to do, so it was nice to have a project ready to go.

I really liked the pattern and will definitely be making more since Violet mostly has leggings. But for now, the pants are gi-normous, so you’ll have to do without shots of new pants + cute kid.

I really like the little details on these, like the pockets.

And the stitching along the seams, which makes for a neat finish outside:

and in:

My only criticism/source of confusion is that the pants ended up verrrrry long. Violet is only 2 and a half, but she’s really tall for her age, so I figured a 3T would give her a bit of room to grow. They ended up about 4 inches too long, and with the way the hem is done, they’d look weird rolled up. I’ve since taking these pictures cut off the cute cuff and am planning to do a simple hem. I figure I can add the cuff again once she gets taller. I’ll do my best not to lose the pieces.

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  1. barbara

    I also like the contrast. Nice basic pants for little ones on the go! I checked out Growing Up Sew Liberated and found a couple of projects I might make for Lily and Raney. Since they are both in school now, I have free time in the morning and have been thinking about sewing again.

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