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Bluebird Blouse

I have a big interview coming up in a couple of weeks that might result in my first proper job as a librarian and take our family away from Oakland, and I’m a bit anxious these days. I can’t work on my presentation in five-minute chunks, so instead I fill spare moments with crafts.

The back side:

I drafted my own pattern and sewed this bluebird blouse for Violet over the weekend using the two fabrics I shared with you last time. I made my own bias tape from the blue flower fabric and used that to finish the neckline and armholes, and I used French seams to make the side seams nice and tidy. I must say that I despise working with bias tape, but I do love the way it looks, especially now that I’m hip to making my own.

Notice the binding inside the armhole:

When Violet tried this blouse on for the first time, she grinned, rubbed her belly, and said, “Niiiice!”

I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. barbara

    Violet looks so beautiful and proud in her new blouse made by momma. Congratulations on the design, fabric choice and of course, the sewing!

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