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Pullover Progress

I finally feel as if I’ve made some progress on my latest sweater. As you can see, I’ve made it past the armholes and am working on the body. I love the way the cables wrap around the shoulders and down the sides.

My fingers have been sore from so much knitting and tending to heavy babies, especially in my right hand, so I’m taking a couple days off from the tiny stitches and will hopefully pick it back up early next week.

It seems like it’s going to be a good fit, but I’ll be able to get a better sense once I get further down.

In other exciting news, I got this gorgeous fabric today and am excited to make something for Violet. I decided that I should get some fabric in her very favorite color and ended up with these two. Now I just need to decide on what to make. A dress? A blouse? A skirt? I’m open to suggestions. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the bird fabric is a nice dark blue. And it’s organic cotton so it’s even better than it looks. Sooo exciting.


  1. barbara

    I can picture Violet Ann in a dress made from the bird material. I’m not sure if a blouse or skirt would be best with the other fabric. The sweater is coming along nicely and will be a pretty addition to your fashionable handmade wardrobe.

    • Samantha Godbey

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m thinking a dress for the birds, too. I’m going to wash both today so I’m ready to dive in. I’m hoping to decide on something and get started by the end of the day.

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