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Date Night Sweater

So, the canary yellow date night sweater is finished.

It fits very well and is beautiful, but I have to say I’m a little disappointed in the color. After all this hard work and excitement over making something for myself, I don’t quite think the color is very flattering on me. I may end up giving it away after all.

The pattern was really quite easy, but looks satisfyingly complicated. Maybe I’ll do it again in a nice red? Not for a while, though, I don’t think.

I got myself a blocking board, which made blocking it a breeze. It’s even iron-safe, so today I used it as a giant ironing board for some fabric.

Before blocking:

Waiting for it to dry:

All done!

This post catches me up on my recent crafts, but I do have some others in progress. A white baby blanket in a leafy lace motif is on my size 13 knitting needles, and I’ve already cut out the fabric for a new sunhat and a pair of pants for Violet. I wonder how long it’ll take me to actually get to the sewing machine again? Unfortunately, Emmett seems to be afraid of it these days, so that limits my sewing time.



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  1. As the gentleman who gets to go out on dates with you when you wear the date night sweater, I’ll reiterate my earlier response, “you look stunning in that piece! ”

    -your hubby

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