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Owl Dress

I finished this owl dress for Violet about a week and a half ago.

This was my first time using a Japanese pattern, so I went with a fairly simple pattern similar to dresses I’ve made before. This pattern came from Stylish Girl’s Clothes [sic], which is full of things I’m looking forward to making for Violet. The books I have start with the size 100 cm, which my Internet research tells me is something like a Size 3T, so Violet can just fit. This dress turned out rather big, but totally wearable, which is a welcome change from the many garments I’ve made that haven’t lasted very long.

After I’d already finished the dress, I came across Katy Dill’s very helpful write-up of working with Japanese patterns, which I definitely recommend for anyone new to them.

The big thing to know, which somehow I did, is that there are no seam allowances in the pattern pieces, so you have to add them yourself. This makes things less precise than I feel quite comfortable with, but everything lined up just fine.

I especially like how the back of the dress has a V-shaped neckline, elevating it from your basic circle-collared toddler dress.

I even got all fancy and put in French seams on the side, so the dress is lovely inside and out.

It didn’t take very long and it’s a perfect summer dress, so I’ll likely make another soon. I’m eyeing another Japanese pattern with a square neckline, though, so maybe I’ll try that one instead.

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