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Back to the Beginning

With a heavy sigh, I unraveled the first 30 rows (or well over 5,000 stitches) of my new sweater. I had just yesterday taken pictures of my progress so far to share with you, and instead, I’m back at the beginning. The proto-sweater you see here is gone. 🙁

I recently joined in on the luvinthemommyhood tops, tanks & tees knit along and had been hoping to have my top finished by the May 23 deadline.

I’m making the lovely Date Night sweater, in canary Knit Picks Cotlin. It’s a lace top knit from the top down, which means I’ll be able to try it on as I go along, and adjust the length if I need to. Here’s the original:

I’m loving the yarn, which is a pleasure to knit. It’s so cheap at $3 a ball and comes in so many colors, I’m sure I’ll use it again. I’m hoping the sweater will turn out the right combination of cheerful and classy.

I started the week before we left for North Carolina. I brought Violet’s Fun Top on that trip, so I was already lagging behind where I wanted to be, but somewhere between rows 15 and 20, I figured out the logic behind the lace pattern. No longer a slave to the instructions, I had picked up the pace.

And then –

I looked closely at the first several rows and realized that I had messed up a row right at the beginning. I probably wouldn’t have been able to let the mistakes go anyway, but since the first rows are the neckline, the messy area would have been especially noticeable. And so I began unraveling.

So sad, but also kinda fun once you get going.

I’m hoping it will go faster this time now that I know what I’m doing. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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