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Little V turned 2 last Saturday. Violet is only 2 years old and Emmett is only 4 months, so neither of them really understands holidays or gift-getting just yet, but we do want to acknowledge important occasions, even in small ways. I’m going to make an effort to give each of them something handmade for their birthdays and Christmas; we’ll see how it goes. I do my best for my five nieces and one nephew, too, but I can’t quite keep up with all the birthdays.

Violet and Emmett each got a special Christmas ornament this past year, not that I can find the pictures I thought I took of them before packing them away to the basement, and for her birthday, I decided to make her a companion set of numbers to match the letters she loves so much (note the 5 currently missing letters):

Instead of quilted numbers, this time I went for little beanbags. Each has a number appliqued on with fusible web. I was going to sew around the edges, but I liked how crisp the numbers look simply ironed on. They’re filled with flax seed, which makes them oddly comforting to hold and just the right weight for V’s inevitable throwing them around near little E.

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